The Worst Spring Break Ever

One might think I'm being a tad over dramatic with my post title. Believe me, I am not. This was hands down the worst Spring Break ever. Normally we travel to see our friends The Brittons or head down to Atlanta to visit my parents. Sometimes we stay home but find fun things to do each day.

Yeah, not this time.

Let me break down our week in a nice numbered list.

1. We were supposed to drive down to Deerfield Beach, Florida to visit my brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and my new baby niece Zoe. We were also going to visit my favorite aunt, uncle, and cousins that live down that way. Its been 4 years since I've been to South Florida and its been almost 8 years since the kids had been.

2. But we didn't go. Because I still feel like crap. I wake up with a throbbing headache that goes all the way down my neck and into my left ear. Moving makes it hurt. The only thing I'm good for is popping way too much aspirin, advil, and tylenol (still trying to find the magic potion that will make my headache go away and stay away), and sitting my bum on the couch.

3. My kids were looking forward to cousins, the pool, the beach, and 80 degree weather. To say that they were a bit "put out" when we told them we weren't going was an understatement. There were many tears involved.

4. Because of how I was feeling, it meant Easter was a very low key event this year. Basically I threw a bunch of plastic eggs outside in the backyard and sent the kids out with their buckets. They found them all in 5 minutes.

5. Yet when the Monday after Easter rolled around, my kids wanted to know what they were going to DO all week. And no, helping their incapacitated mom around the house was not on their list of Fun Spring Break Activities.

6. Our Monday consisted of me going to the doctor. Found out that I still have blood in my urine and they may be kidney stones. Let me tell you how much I need kidney stones right now.

7. Monday night, my crown broke off my bottom molar. Supposedly this is a common occurrence with patients that are intubated. My husband reminded me to look on the bright side: at least I had eaten dinner first.

8. I bet you can guess what our Tuesday consisted of! Yes, an emergency dental visit.

9. On Wednesday, our A/C went out.

10. On Thursday, we were hit with the news that it was probably a $2,000 part that needed to be replaced. And that we might as well just buy a new system since ours was almost 9 years old.

11. On Friday, we had a second HVAC company come out to give us another estimate. We're looking at between $7-8,000 for a new system. This is on top of the $10,000 we owe the hospital for my brain surgery.

12. We also found out that no one could get us parts or install a new system until next week sometime. Jayce told me he could not live in a house without air conditioning and that he was going to go live with Grandma.

Jocelyn could have cared less. She played outside in the heat and didn't bat an eye when our house was the same temperture inside.

13. On Friday, the kids had been looking forward to going to Gravitopia, which is an indoor trampoline park. I ambitiously thought I'd be able to drive by then. Um... that was a big fat no. And the weather was looking pretty bad, so Grandma wasn't keen on driving 45 miles one way in the rain, either. They compromised and Grandma took them to Pump It Up for some bouncy house fun.

Yet, I am still getting comments from the Peanut Gallery that sound very disappointed about missing Gravitopia.

14. So, what did the big kids do during Spring Break? That would be a whole lot of nothing, quite a bit of fighting, too much screen time, and lots of complaining.

We need a do-over.


  1. This was so sad. I am praying for you every day. Sending love.

  2. What a bummer! I feel sorry for both you and the kids. :(

  3. Oh, Jess. That was definitely not fun. Sending hugs, positive vibes, and some good karma....

  4. Oh friend...I'm so sorry to hear this. I so want you to feel better! :( Has the doctor had any encouragement about when you may start to feel normal again? You're such a strong lady...I'm praying for you!

  5. I am so very sorry your break was no fun! I hope things get better for you, but the pictures you were able to capture are just beautiful! I love them all! You definitely deserve a do over break... that just means summer time is going to be awesome for you! ;) sending hugs your way!!


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