11 Years Married

The kids, grandma, and I just came back two days ago from a 9 day trip to Deerfield Beach, FL. So, just watch out for pictures and a post about that in the next day or two. Or, if you are on Instagram, then I apologize for my "overgramming" the other day :P You've already seen my trip through my camera phone!

I wanted to be home before July 31st because today is our 11 year anniversary.

We met in 2001.

Got engaged in 2003.

Got married in 2004.

Were parents of two small children by 2005.

I went through many bad hair style decisions the next few years.

Finally wised up and started getting our family portraits together in 2010. I got better at styling my hair and Brian grew facial hair :)

I think, in terms of aging, Brian has gotten the better end of the deal. Then again, he has been working out in a gym or running 5 miles after work for the last 17 years. I've been staying home with kids and eating leftover macaroni and cheese and gold fish :P

I can't believe its been 11 years of marriage. We've been through so much.

Three kids.
One new house.
A brain aneurysm.

But so much has remained constant.

Brian still has the same job (17 years!).
I've been a stay at home mom this entire time.
We still eat dinner at 7:00 PM on the dot.
Cleaning Saturdays still happen every other weekend.
We eat tacos on Wednesdays.

Although it's certainly not required, it is nice to do this parenting thing with a partner.

Brian and I have a unique relationship that is hard to explain. I wouldn't call him my soul mate or best friend. But we manage to make things work anyway.

We'll be heading off to Lake Lure, NC for 24 hours away this weekend. I'm looking forward to hanging out with this guy without parenting for a bit. Okay, so I'm looking forward to sleeping in. I'm not going to lie :P

But if I had to pick someone to sleep next to for the rest of my life, I guess Brian would be a good pick :) As long as he doesn't try to steal my pillow :)

Love you, goof.


  1. Loved this Jess. And don't kid yourself, you still look 18! XO

  2. I just need to say, you look fabulous yourself! :) I'm glad you guys were able to get away for a little bit...even when your spouse occasionally drives you crazy (heck, Billy and I drive each other crazy more often than not. haha!) its so good to get away kid-free and try and remember why you got together in the first place. ;) I hope you guys have many more happy years as a family! Love getting to know you guys!


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