Easter 2016

The Easter holiday appeared on the calendar very early this year. We had hardly recovered from failing at St. Patrick's day when Easter fell upon us. I think I can say that we did a little better this time around. The kids got new Easter clothes, we made cookies, and even got the decoration boxes out.

Did you know that Pillsbury makes lazy mom bunny cookies?? As soon as I saw them at the grocery store, I knew they were the cookies for us. No rolling out the dough, no using the cookie cutters. Easy peasy!

Jocelyn was thrilled to find her favorite bunny ever in the bunny box! He now sleeps with her, and Piglet, every night. I have a feeling he's not going back in the box in the attic. 

Then we got the notice of the upcoming Easter party at school. Brian said, "Wasn't there just a Valentine's Day party? How many parties do these people have?" That's the great thing about preschool vs. elementary school. Lots of fun and parental involvement :)

There was an Easter egg hunt in the toddler playground area.

The kids also loved playing on this playground because it was new and different to them. They usually get to go on the "big kid" playground.

Piglet has been hitching a ride to school every Tuesday and Thursday in Jocelyn's backpack. This has made it very hard for me to give Piglet a bath!

I love it when classmates photobomb! Hi Aaliyah!

We also did the traditional egg dyeing. Jocelyn wanted to just eat the eggs. Jayce and I managed to break two. Brian's poop colored egg didn't turn out the way he had planned. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Then the Easter Bunny (or was it the Easter Beagle??) came.

No one wanted, nor received, a stuffed bunny rabbit. Instead, Jocelyn got Kanga, Jayce received Lakitu, and Jaina found Pusheen the cat.

Our Easter Bunny brings minimal candy, a book, a stuffed animal, and a small present or two.

Oh, and chocolate bunnies, of course.

Jocelyn refused to share with me!

Then we had lunch with Brian's Best Friend's family. It stopped raining long enough to go outside for 5 minutes to take pictures.

My friend Danielle was making Jocelyn laugh behind me:

by having Logan wear these:

No pictures of my 3 kids together. They did not want to cooperate. But Logan did!

This is what the teenager wanted to do. She may or may not have been texting a certain boy from school...

All in all, we had a lovely Easter with good friends and family :)

Can it be Summer now??


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