Hello Sunshine

In the deep dark depths of cold Winter weather (and all of you northerners just shush because under 50 degrees IS cold to me), it's not the kids that get antsy for sunshine, warmth, and outdoor play. It's me that worships the sun.

February can be a fickle month. 32 and frosty in the mornings. Will it get above 50 for the high? Or even better, 60's or 70's?

We enjoyed some very Spring-like weather last week. It was GORGEOUS. I mean, sandals and short sleeves kind of weather. We soaked it up as much as we could.

With wolf ears on, of course.

Spring also means baseball season is upon us once again. Doesn't my little man look so handsome?

It is also the season of park playdates. Go, run, get dirty! It's much better that they get their energy out by swinging and sliding rather than dumping out boxes of toys on the playroom floor.

It's also the season of sidewalk chalk. It never gets old.

And someone wants to play baseball like her big brother.

Swinging outside on our dilapidated playset (which is getting cleaned, sealed, and repaired this month!) is a daily ritual in nice weather.

And lastly, what would we do without our trampoline?

Come on, Spring!

 We're ready for you.


  1. Fun photos! I love nice days. And trampolines.


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