St. Patrick's Day 2016

If you are friends with me on FB, you already know that our Irish American holiday defined the term "low key" this year.

We celebrated by wearing green.


That's it.

No green beer. No Guinness.  No Irish soda bread. No pub hopping. No Irish stew (although I ate it a few days later and it was the best Costco purchase EVER!). No leprechaun traps. No four leaf clover searching.

I couldn't even get all the kids to look at the camera. Jayce was complaining about being outside. Jaina was complaining that Jayce had picked up dead grass and was throwing it. Jocelyn was complaining that Jayce was trying to put his arm around her after his hands were dirty from throwing said grass.


And then Jocelyn wouldn't hold still for a picture of her cute St. Patrick's Day Kitty shirt from The Children's Place.

Us Walkers may have failed at this holiday this year, but that's okay. What exactly are we supposed to celebrate anyway? Wasn't St. Patrick kind of a murderer?

Gotta love holidays and their sordid histories.



  1. We actually didn't wear green but I did look on youtube for a short history of St. Patrick's Day. I may have to research more but what I found was that Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland! That's something to celebrate. Kind of lost in the American celebration now unfortunately. I do like that St. Patrick kitty shirt even if she was being wiggly.

  2. We didn't do much. We wore green, but that was about it.

    Mm, Irish Stew. Sounds amazing.


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