2020 :: A New Year and a Fresh (germy!) Start

Quarantine  Day 2:

Is it really a quarantine if we aren't sick? Should I be calling it voluntary isolation? Either way, I find myself home with my kids once again. Honestly? I am loving it.

Ask me again in two weeks when I don't get a paycheck if I'm still liking it.

We've had a great day. I made rainbow pancakes after seeing it come up on my TimeHop app 7 years ago. I feel like I was a fun and creative mom back then and sometimes Jocelyn gets the shaft. I'm old and tired and busy now. I hope to make fun memories during this time home.

Jaina went to work at Delaney's Irish Pub. I assumed they'd be super busy (hello, St. Patrick's Day!), especially since our SC Governor announced the closure on all restaurants by tomorrow morning. However, it seems as though people here are actually taking the suggestion of social distancing seriously. The Irish pub was pretty much dead and she got sent home early. I'm not upset at all. I want my kids home and safe. I'm not worried about us getting sick. Instead, I'm worried about us being part of the pandemic by passing it along.

I did have to go out today, though. Jocelyn and I went to her elementary school to pick up her Distance Learning packet. Then we took our trash to the dump (How long will it stay open??) Then we returned books to our library that closed down at 3 PM. This isolation is much better than being stuck in bed with a broken ankle!

Anyway, back to catching up...

January 1st, 2020 was the first day I woke up without Brian in our house. It felt good, like a weight had been lifted. The kids felt it, too. Jaina opened up all the blinds in the house just because she could :)

Jocelyn and I went to Chimney Rock State Park.

Brian and I had a temporary settlement conference on Jan 10th to decide who gets to reside in the house (me), who gets primary custody of the kids (me) and how much child support and alimony he will pay each month. It took 3.5 hours. I had nothing to do except stare at this bottle of Diet Dr Pepper and play Cookie Jam on my phone.

Brian moved his desk out and Jayce got a new one!

The kids and I went to see Weathering With You in Greenville. A limited release japanese anime. It was amazing.

Jaina and I went couch shopping since Brian took our brown one (THANK GOD! I hate that couch.)

Jocelyn took this photo on the way to school. I have a huge print of it hanging up in our living room.

Another cheer season started.

Jaina got a snake last year. His name is Mango. We call him Baby. He is an Albino Honduran Milk Snake.

Our couch came home! We love it!

Then we celebrated Jocelyn's 8th birthday at Hearts of Clay!

This is Spaz. I caved and let Jaina get a bearded dragon to put in the playroom. I love this little guy so much!

It snowed! And no one cared but me!

The coffee table wouldn't fit (which is okay because Spaz's tank is now on top of it), so I bought an ottoman with a serving tray.

We celebrated Grandma's 75th birthday!

We also visited our friend Mila in North Carolina.

And hung out with our friend Sydney!

More Cheer pics!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Festivus was also disguised as Patty's 50th birthday party!

And most recently, we found out that Mila and Cruise will be moving back to Spartanburg! YAY!

Which brings us to current day. I'm so glad we got to hang out with friends last week and go to Happy Hour with MOMS Club and see all my friends at Book Club. All that is in the past with the current Corona Virus situation. We are hoping the US won't be like China or Italy with the widespread cases. Hopefully social distancing will flatten the curve.

More tomorrow!


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