What a Year Its Been!

I'm still not ready to retire this old blog. Since the entire world is now under quarantine (well, we're calling it "social distancing"), now is the perfect time to resurrect this space.

A lot has happened since I last posted in April, 2019.

A lot.

Let's see if I can review in pictures from my old Google Photo account...

First up, we celebrated Easter. It was pretty low key. We had fun decorating eggs like we always do. My little artists!

I was still a 2 day a week toddler teacher at The Weekday School.

On days I wasn't working, I'd have lunch with Jocelyn and her friends in Mrs. Scherbarth's 1st grade class.

Then I was a chaperone for Jayce's chorus trip to Dollywood.

The next weekend was Spring Fling and the last "normal" day I'd have in 2019. 

The next day, April 28th, I was helping Jayce set up an impromptu birthday party at McMillan Park when I slipped on acorns and dislocated my ankle. It was broken in three places, called a trimalleolar fracture and it required surgery.

While I was in the ER, I was telling all the doctors and nurses about JLC's newest album, Sparrow! Don't worry, they asked after they saw my shirt!

The next day, Brian drove halfway across the state to pick up Cordelia, who used to belong to Uncle Frank in Upstate NY.

I had surgery on April 30th. They put a nerve block in. I felt very little pain because of it!

Shaggy kept me company:

The entire month of May went by very very slowly. I was non-weight bearing the entire month. I couldn't stand to put my foot down below my heart, so I couldn't drive, either. Or edit pictures.

Jocelyn tried to make my Mother's Day special despite my disability.

Jaina helped me hobble outside and down the stairs on crutches in order to sit down and take graduation photos of her. This was NOT the one we used, lol.

Monica and Brian took Jocelyn to the rest of her Spring Cheerleading events.

I had an appointment on the same day as field day, so I used a wheel chair to get down to the field on the way to the doctor's appointment.

This is what my ankle looked like after surgery:

I traded my cast for a boot:

But I still couldn't walk on it :(
I had to miss Jocelyn's tumbling recital.

And I had to watch Jaina's graduation on a live stream on YouTube.

I was having vascular problems and ended up having to see a vascular surgeon. Luckily, the problem went away on its own a month later.

Brian drove us all to the beach anyway. It wasn't the best vacation. Things between Brian and were VERY strained due to his frustration with taking care of me and having to help the kids. The kids missed me and didn't feel like doing much at Pawley's Island this year.

I managed to get to the pool twice. The water felt SO good!

But my foot was *still* turning purple. 

4th of July was a strained event for me and Brian. We went down to our neighbor's house for a party. 

Then the kids and I celebrated Cow Appreciation Day:

And MORE purple foot....

But then I was finally released to drive!

I got compression socks that were supposed to help, but it actually made the blood flow worse.

But I managed to drive 12 hours to southern Florida anyway. We took a LOT of breaks!

The morning we left for Florida, on August 3rd, my world came crashing down. I had discovered that my husband of 15 years had been lying to me for the past 2 and a half years. I left South Carolina not sure what was going to happen to our marriage. We decided to take this time a part to think about things.

Florida was exactly what I needed. My foot stopped turning purple and I was getting stronger every day. Brian and I talked and realized that our marriage was over because he was not willing to rectify his actions that hurt me and I was no longer willing to put up with them.

But life moved on... it was time for Cheer camp and the first day of school to start.

I was hired back at The Weekday School as a toddler teacher for 3 days a week. I was scheduled for Physical Therapy the other two days a week.

The first weekend in Sept, we moved my mom to Boiling Springs.

Brian hosted a Labor Day party at our house and was surprised when I didn't even go. I got there right before fire works.  Even though we both knew our relationship was over, he was hoping to just live as roommates and not spend the money getting divorced.

Jocelyn tried her hand at BSYAA cheer for the first time. It was hard core! Lots of practices and games each week! And boy was it HOT!

Jocelyn has a new 2nd grade best friend named Kayla!

I graduated from physical therapy right before Halloween.

Jaina and I went to her first concert: Melanie Martinez

Jocelyn was a Devil Kitty for Halloween.  And then a Devil Dog. She couldn't choose.

We had Fall family pictures made for the first time without Brian.

For my birthday, we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house without Brian, too.

I then went to ATL to meet up with some friends to see DAYROOM!!

I also said goodbye to my childhood home in Tucker, GA. My stepmom and sister moved to Delaware, so it was on the market.

Then I went to Columbia to see JLC perform Licorice Tea Demos and Magazine in it's entirety.

A few days later, I got to chaperone Jocelyn's field trip!

Then Jayce got to see JLC with me in Greenville. We had SO much fun!

Jayce had to come with me to the preschool one morning. The kids loved him!

I filed for divorce on Dec. 3rd. Brian started making plans to move out after Christmas.

The WDS took us to lunch for Christmas. I love my co-teachers!

Then it was time for Jocelyn's 2nd grade Christmas program.

And then the class Christmas party!

Unfortunately, Jocelyn came down with the Flu, type B the night we got home from the last 1/2 day of school.

Jocelyn was sick almost the entire Christmas break from school :( The big kids and my mom and I decided to eat at Delaney's for Christmas dinner instead of cooking. New tradition!

Two days later, Jayce and I went down to Charleston to see JLC again. Yes, I know, we saw them A LOT in a month, but since it was such a rough month at home with Brian, it was definitely a needed distraction.

Farrell was in ATL from Germany so she flew to Charleston to meet us!

Jayce got to go back stage and help Chris pack up his recording equipment!

New Years Eve was another strained holiday. At first, Brian was going to go and I was going to stay home with the kids. But then our hosts said they'd rather me go and bring the kids, so I asked Brian not to go. He came anyway and crashed the party while I was driving to pick up Jaina from work that night. I was so disappointed that my friends thought I wouldn't mind. I don't want people to have to choose between us, but I do expect them to honor my wishes that I am not around Brian unless I absolutely have to be.

I started 2020 surrounded by my kids and a promise to them that we'd start fresh this year. Our family looks different now, but it's so much better for all of us. More to come on that next time.


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