Social Distancing Day 7

I really can't say that I've minded hanging out with my kiddos in the house all week. I've gotten out daily to take supplies to friends' porches or grab groceries for my mom or grabbing another bag of small crickets for Spaz. I have a container of clorox wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer in my car for when I DO have to go out, but I have a feeling soon we'll only be limited to grocery store trips.

My kids are at really good ages for doing school at home. Jocelyn is in 2nd grade and that's a review year. She's flying through her math, reading, science, and social studies worksheets. For reading, we have started the first book in the Harry Potter series (which means she's my favorite child right now!)

Jayce is a 9th grader in HS, so he's on block scheduling. This semester he has English 1 (currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird), Physical Science (which he loves!), Chorus, and PE. He's recorded his chorus song and logged his daily activity for PE. He's pretty good about keeping up with his classes.

Jaina is in the 2nd semester of community college. She was taking two online classes and two classes at the campus. Now all of her classes are online, but she's doing well keeping up with everything.

As for me, no major cleaning projects done, yet, but I have caught up on laundry, vacuuming, and dishes. I was able to shoot 5 mini sessions (practicing social distancing the entire time), so now I'm editing those. This will be the last of the photography income for quite some time.

Here's a few pictures from the week:

Jocelyn cleaned off her dresser for the first time in 6 months!

School at home on the bed:

Shaggy is LOVING all the walks.

An outside art project is making the rounds on IG, so we decided to jump on the bandwagon. We had so much fun!

Homework while eating Ben and Jerry's...

Want potatoes?? This is what the grocery store looks like at 7 AM after getting a truck the night before. Luckily my friend Shannon got me some last week.

I sent Jayce downstairs and told him he couldn't go back on his computer until he took a shower. He never came back up! Found him watching My Little Pony Equestria Girls with both his sisters! They all love the second movie.

There's been a lot of art going on around here:

So, that's our update. The kids aren't taking this virus seriously and I'm being overly paranoid for them. I'm trying not to let my anxiety get the best of me.


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