Come cry with me...

I will be camera-less for anywhere up to 6 weeks!!!

What on earth am I going to with myself? My camera is a permanent attachment to me. If I am home, I know exactly where it is at all times. If I'm out, its with me. I don't want to miss that "perfect" picture of Jayce's rare smile or Jaina learning something new. Let me tell you, I must be getting older because my brain just doesn't work the same way it used to. I had an awesome memory in my youth (if I remember correctly!) and now, I can't remember what we did last Thursday! Thank goodness for pictures, I say. And my blog :) 'Cause then I can just go look it up!

I really shouldn't complain much. I have an awesome Canon Rebel 2000 SLR film camera that takes beautiful pictures and close-ups. It's fully automatic when I want it to be, or I can fully manipulate the f-stop and shutter speed (not that I know how, though!). It has been fun getting it out and playing with it. However, I've already shot a full roll of film, so now I need to actually drive it somewhere, drop it off, wait for the prints to be developed, scan the negatives, and put on a cd. What a pain! What a cost! And to think that I was very against having a digital camera because I thought that film photography was going to be a lost art form.


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