Day Three Continued (Night)

Well, I was trying to wait until one of my old friends from HS emailed me a group picture to post, but I don't want to get too backlogged on my blogging. My Atlanta trip was now a week ago and I've got to move on!

Saturday night, I took the kids over to a HS friend's house to meet up with some former friends. It sounds weird to say former because its not like any of these ladies stopped being my friend. You know how it is... people get married, people have babies (or backwards!) and old friends grow apart. It was nice to try to reconnect a little now that we are all 10 years older. Just in time for our 10 year HS Reunion in November as well :)

My Best Friend (whom I've stayed in touch with) brought her 11 week old baby. She is the cutest thing! Just so smiley and cuddly and adorable! Then my friend who used to live behind my dad's house brought her little boy that is just a few months younger than Jayce. It was fun seeing everyone in "mommy mode" especially when my last memories of these friends were of frat parties in college!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to do much catching up due to a certain 2.5 year old and his explorations through a non-baby-proofed house!

Jayce waving "HI!" to the trees outside:

R had a little slide that the toddler boys loved playing on:

Jaina took this of me:

R holds baby Grace for the first time:


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