Day Four (finally!)

Okay, I'm getting sick of posting about my trip down to Georgia. Its old news already! I already have like 7 more posts I need to write about this week! Let's get on with it!

On Sunday, our final day, we all got our best clothes on and attended church with my parents, sister, and grandmother. My parents are members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (also known as LDS or Mormon). Jaina absolutely loves
going to church there. All three hours of it. She is one brave girl! I was pretty impressed with Jayce. He sat in Sacrament meeting for a full 40 minutes before needing to go out. Nursery, however, was a different story. He did not like Nursery, even with me in there with him. I ended up leaving Jaina in her CTR-B (Choose The Right) primary class while I took Jayce home before church ended. Jaina received her very own green CTR ring and she is very proud to have one.

Jayce dressed up:

Jaina and Great-Grandma Elsie

Jayce and his Grandpa:

Jaina and Aunt Jami


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