Day Three

Day Three was spent hanging out with old friends again :) How nice it was to be able to see everyone this trip! Normally my visits to ATL are less than 48 hours, with no time to even rest.

When I was 15, I met a family at the local library where I was volunteering. By then, I was a seasoned babysitter, thanks to my sister who is 11 years younger than me. I started sitting for this family when their oldest was 2 years, their middle child was 10 months old, and their daughter wasn't even born yet.

Although I was only their sitter for 3 years before heading off to college, I formed a bond with their family that is still strong today :) You would think that two teenage boys and a pre-teen girl would have better things to do on their Saturday than to visit with their old (And boy do I feel old now!) babysitter, but I am so honored that they chose to come over to my parents house instead.

Since Jayce refused to have anything to do with our family portraits, here's a random picture of him closing the door to my dad's house:

And just because I like to reminisce, I found these old wallet portraits from their pre-school years :)


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