Back to School Firsts

A week ago, on Tuesday, marked the official "Back to School" season for my kids. Here, however, the schools actually let 3K and 4K start a week later due to home visits. So, last week Jaina started school and today was Jayce's first day.

Jaina was "stylie" in her Hello Kitty backpack. "Stylie" is a word Jaina invented when she was 3.

Jaina and her new teacher:

After the kids arrive at school, they are told to sit in the hallway and look at Hundred Book Challenge books:

Little brother needed his picture taken, too!

Finally, finally, it was Jayce's turn to start school.

In the car, ready to go! (excuse the blurry picture please!)

Jayce was all smiles when we got out of the car in the parking lot. He gave me lots of "cheeses" as he calls it!

The kids don't really have any desks, so to say. But they do have a writing center. Jayce's first task on his picture schedule was writing and he sat right down without missing a beat!

On the bus, he got to sit next to his old friend Jonathan, who used to be in his class last year but is now in another class.

In fact, he loved riding the bus so much, he didn't stop talking about it all afternoon :)


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  2. I remember the excitment of starting school each year. Boy did it wear off fast. Your kids look cute.

  3. That means you have free time during the day now, right??? :) They're both adorable as usual! And I like that word "stylie"... maybe I'll starting using it...


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