Broadway on the Beach

Whenever we go to Pawley's, we always take one day to drive North to Myrtle Beach to see the sights. This year we planned just to walk around the boardwalk and find a place to eat and maybe do some shopping. All that changed as soon as Jaina found out there was a Build-a-Bear workshop there.

We got to the shop to find a line outside the door. What? Dude, its a stuffed animal store, Not that exciting. There is one in every major city. Even Greenville has one!

Supposedly the Myrtle Beach location has the highest sales in the South East. Patrons wait for up to 2 hours to even get in the store! So I told Brian that we were lucky to be in and out in 40 minutes :)

Jayce really got a kick out of building a bear this time, even though he's been before. His bear's name is Sweetart (coincidently, it was the name of the candy I was feeding him in line to keep him happy and distracted) and he dressed him in a Batman costume. Jaina's dog (yes, her 3rd from Build a Bear) is named..... Alli. If I had a dime for every stuffed animal dog she owns named Alli, I'd have a whole lotta dimes!


  1. Love the picture of Brian. He's such a character, it suits him so well.

    Wow, I remember you telling me about the Build a Bear story. You have patience, I would have been mean and said NO.

    Great pictures. I don't seem to have patience with my pictures anymore, I am sure it will come back to me.

  2. I can honestly say I've never taken my kids to a Build-A-Bear. It's never even crossed my mind. Does that make me a bad momma? :)

    Love the pic of Brian, of course! And all the others... I'm still coveting your camera, but I wonder if I'd even have the skill?? Great job!


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