The Beach: Part 2

The next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, were spent alternating between the South and North ends of the island, just hanging out at the beach.

But first, Jayce had to take a little coke break :)

Jayce loved sitting at the edge of the beach and waiting for the waves to crash up over him :)

Jaina had a blast playing under the pier on the North side of the island:

We found some really cool shells along the way:

Jayce said, "Make my legs lost, mommy!"

We buried Jaina's legs in the sand and tried to make a mermaid tale. Unfortunately, I am not much of a sand artist!

Brian left his sunglasses in the car, so Jaina let him borrow her brand new Barbie ones :)

A quick note about the jellyfish... Brian got stung first. Then Jaina, badly, on the back of her leg. Then I found a welt on Jayce's back. Me? Nope. I escaped. Mainly because after Brian got stung and I saw several live jellyfish floating around the ocean near me, I was too chicken to stay in long at all. I mainly hung out in the tide pools with my camera :)


  1. beautiful pictures. I love the beach. Glad you got to enjoy it. We have jellyfish around our beach too, they look like clear blueish balloons. They are actually really pretty. I can't say I ever have been stung by one.


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