The Digs

When you don't quite know where to start, shouldn't you just start from the very beginning? At least, that's what Maria on The Sound of Music says :)

The beginning:

We left our home in the Upstate a little after 9 AM a week ago. We would have left sooner if someone (*cough* my husband) hadn't felt the need to sit on the couch in his pajamas eating peanuts watching CNN all morning. The kids had been up since before 7 and were raring to go!

Google Maps and my husband's GPS on his blackberry like to take us a different route every year. I have to say that this route was definitely the best! 4.5 hours... not bad at all! No driving through too many Podunk little towns with speed limits of 35 mph. (We don't like you, Jamestown!!) The only complaint is that the McDonald's we stopped at for lunch on the way was devoid of a playplace. Oh darn.

Anyway, we arrived in the town of Pawley's and headed straight for our condo. Now, when I say "our" condo, I totally do not mean we own one. We'd like to own one some day. Hell, if we are speaking about wishes, we'd really like to own a house right on the beach. And we will one day. As soon as my husband sells an organ on the black market. Oh, wait! We still wouldn't have enough money. Drat. Lottery, anyone?

We stay at the same rental location every year, but get a different unit each time. This year's trip  yielded the nicest condo yet. I think we all would have been quite happy living there.

Yeah... Brian on his laptop 5 minutes after arriving. Anyone surprised? Anyone?

Unfortunately, I am not going for an "artsy" theme with all these black and white shots. Nope, its called, "I suck at setting my custom white balance and I think I need to purchase an actual gray card and none of my WB presets were the right color for these crappy indoor energy saving lights".

Here's some color from the daylight :)

Jayce really loved playing with my remote that I just got for my camera. I had to delete a LOT of pictures over the week. On the upside, anytime he was antsy and impatient, all I had to do was hand him my remote and he was instantly occupied :)

And then he was hungry and wanted a lunchable pizza. 'Cause he's a goof like that.

And that concludes my photo expose on our condo by the beach. I promise the pictures get more exciting later on!


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    looking forward to the rest. funny comment about the b&w shots, and here i thought you were being artsy! :P

  2. That condo looks great! I think I'd love to live there as well...especially if it's on the beach.

  3. Fun! I love the shot of the little puppy on the bed -- cute :)

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    The pictures did scream artsy! I need a gray card or light meter or something too!


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