Splashing Into Summer II

So, hanging out with our former neighbors was not all we had in store for Tuesday!

Thanks to Monica, we ended the day at the pool side!

I so wish our neighborhood had a pool. We actually thought the developer would put one in after some more lots were developed in here. But nope... everyone's lot is actually big enough to have their own inground pool put in. Now we just need to save about $20,000, right? Yeah, not gonna happen!

Thank goodness we have gracious friends with pools!

Jayce is now fixated on measuring pool depth. He wants to know what the different feet mean. "Is 5 ft. mean I drown?" he asks. "Why is 5 ft. over my head? Is it over your head, mommy? Why is it not over your head? Is it over Jaina's head? What about 3 ft.? Why is it 3 ft there? Why does it say 5 ft. there? Why did they forget to put 4 ft? Where is 4 ft. mommy?"

Unfortunately, the dialogue has continued every day this week, despite not being near a pool 5 out of the last 7 days.

While the kids played in the pool, I read up on histograms in my camera's manual. And goofed around taking pictures of my feet.



  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    flipflops = summer! love it.

  2. Oh! I just love summer splashing. You are so right. Thank goodness for friends with a pool. We actually pay the membership to our community one just so we can go whenever the urge hits :) We practically live there on hot days!


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