Splashing Into Summer

A little over a week ago, I was remarking to a good friend of mine on the phone, "You know... I can't wait until school gets out. Lazy days ahead! Staying up late, sleeping in, staying in my PJ's all day if I want, no lunches to make, no kids to drive anywhere in the morning...."

And then my friend brought me back to reality.

"Um, Jessie... when are you not busy? If I know you, then I'm sure your calendar is already packed for the week after school gets out."

Okay, okay, okay... she got me.

Just because Summer is here does not mean we slack. In fact, Jayce increased his therapy hours from 20-25 a week, so there was one extra thing on the calendar already. Then there's all the doctor's appointments that you schedule for summer so it doesn't interfere with school. Then there is the Autism support group that still needs to be run, La Leche Meetings that still need to be attended, a free Summer Movie festival at the Mall that I promised to take my 8 year old to, an interactive fountain we need to visit.

Oh, and my kids still wake up early and demand breakfast. And I still have to make their lunches. Drat.

So our Lazy Days of summer have been anything but :)

But we ARE enjoying it!

First things first: Hanging out with our former next door neighbors for some girly dress up time!

Sorry, Jayce. In a housefull of girls, you don't get many "manly" options. Doesn't he make a very cute fairy?

And of course we had to see the new puppies!!

Then the girls put on a fashion show for Tracy and me!

Add a picnic lunch and lots of giggling and you have yourself a great start to the Summer!

More to come soon!


  1. Oh it looks like everybody had a great start to summer! I totally get you on the schedule thing...I was ALSO hoping on lazy days and yet we don't have a free day next week!


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