Our Family, right now

One of the reasons I love photography so much is because it captures a moment in time.

Jaina will never be 9.5 years old again. Or probably ever wear that shirt again. The lollipop was scratchy to her on the inside.

Jayce will never been 6.5 years old again and I can already tell you that his grass stains did indeed come out in the wash. The grass stains that he got on his brand new jeans before our photographer even arrived.

Although this particular moment of tenderness has already passed, I am hoping to see lots more of them in the future. They really do love each other.

See how it can all change in just a moment?

I will never be 28 weeks pregnant with my third child ever again. I am okay with this, believe me!

I can't wait to see how our relationships with our children will change as they grow.

I can't believe he's not going to be my last baby any more. His new title will be "middle child". Honestly, he's already got that role down pat.

As for Brian and me... well, I think its safe to say he'll still be a goof in the future. Possibly just as much as he is now. But its also safe to say that I'll probably still love that goof, maybe even a little more than I do right now.

Jeslyn, thank you SO much for capturing our family as we are right now.

In all our goofiness.

and in all our love.


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