Trunk or Treat

Now, I don't know how they "do" Halloween up North or out West, but I do know how the holiday goes down around these parts.

You can divide the population down here in several different groups:

1. People that celebrate Halloween with decorations, costumes, and trick-or-treating on the actual night of Halloween.

2. People that think dressing up is fun, but that trick-or-treating isn't very safe anymore and would prefer to attend a church based or community based event.

3. People that choose not to celebrate the holiday because of various reasons that range from not wanting their kids to OD on candy to thinking that Halloween is a pointless holiday.

4. People that think Halloween is Satan's holiday and purely the work of the devil.

What I've noticed, through talking with friends and through experience, that the vast majority of people have no earthly clue why Halloween is even a holiday. They've never heard of Samhain or All Hallow's Eve, or Dia de Muertos, or All Saint's Day. Or the historical significance of why we carve pumpkins.

So, what group does our family fall into?

Why, number 1, of course!

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays. We do it all. We all dress up. We buy the good candy. We attend parties, make cookies, decorate our house, go trunk or treating at a local church, and go trick-or-treating on the actual night. We make the most of our Halloween holiday :)

And I not-so-secretly roll my eyes at all the people I encounter that say, "I'm a better Christian than you because I'm teaching my kids to avoid all things having to do with Satan's holiday."

That's okay, more candy for my kids :) Which ultimately means more candy for me!

And because we spread out our Halloween festivities, I have a TON of pictures to post. I'd better snap to it!

I'm happy to report that fun was had by all.

The reece's peanut butter cups are almost gone.

(not admitting any guilt here, mind you!)

We lost Jaina's leopard tail but later found it.

Jayce lost his hat and bullwhip but my mom found new ones on the internet for less than I paid for the originals.

I have all the halloween blankets washed and folded and ready to be put away.

Now I just have to work on the rest of the decorations!


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