10 Months

In 11 days, Jocelyn will be turning 11 months old.  I guess its time to finally post her 10 month onesie picture?

This is the non-edited Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC) shot that I took on a dreary overcast day when Jocelyn was already getting sick. It took me, Jaina, and Jayce's therapist to get her to smile even this 1/2 smile. The newly put up Christmas tree was totally blocking my light (what little light I had at 4 PM on an overcast day) from the window. I am hoping to salvage this picture in GIMP and make it match the other 11 monthly pictures so I can print them in a collage frame next month.

Oh goodness...

Next month? Like in January? In less than 6 weeks, Jocelyn will be turning a year old.

Hold me.

Here's what the little stinker was like at 10 months old:

-Still waking up once a night for a bottle. This is beginning to get really old, Jocelyn!
-still gagging on stage 3 foods and now you won't eat any fruits or veggies from stage 2 either. You only like the "dinners" in Stage 2.
-ate rice as your first table food (that ended up in your mouth and not on the floor)
-finally will eat Stoneyfield farms Yo Toddler yogurt. But only in strawberry/banana flavor
-drinks water like its going out of style in your sippy cup.
-commando crawling to get where you need to go
-still can't bear weight on your legs. Newest theory by PT? Loose ankle joints. You will definitely be a late walker!
-Daddy has taught you to pat my chest any time I pick you up. This has graduated to hitting! He is so proud :)
-you finally are down to two naps a day. If we are home in the morning, you sleep from 10-12. (Yeah, like we are ever home in the mornings!). If we don't have to pick up kids from school, you sleep from 1-3 in the afternoons. Since school pick up is at 2, that means you only get either an hour nap at home or a 30 minute nap in car. Don't you love being the third baby?
-you have been on antibiotics twice now. Once for strep throat and once for a secondary bacterial infection.
-You are my ray of sunshine when I'm having a stressed out day.


  1. Love reading about all that she is doing. Jerichos finally crawling now too, but he also can't seem to stand on his legs. He tries so hard to pull up but he just can't figure it out. I can't believe our little ones are almost a year old!

  2. "You are my ray of sunshine when I'm having a stressed out day."

    You need to write that down in her baby book for her to read when she's older. So sweet.

  3. No way she is a year next month! NO WAY! This is just not fair. They grow up way too fast.

    She is still absolutely gorgeous. I love her sweet little smile. And if anyone can retouch that photo to perfection, its you!

    And baby Jocelyn, I'm the third child too, so I get it. ;)


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