Pre-Christmas Collages

I was going to dedicate an entire post by itself to each and every Pre-Christmas activity that we participated in this December.


I SO don't have time for that.

Its already the night before the night before Christmas!

This is what we've been up to....

Lots and lots of crafting! We made hand-painted ornaments for teachers, former teachers, and therapists.

We missed our local town's parade but managed to make it to the big one down town!

We attended Jayce's LAST Christmas party at his Occupational Therapy office! He's been with this hospital since he was 2!

Brian and I took Jaina to "Dickens of a Christmas".

We decorated our house for Christmas as well.

But what took center stage the past few weeks was the dreaded flu.

We are all feeling much better now, just in time for Christmas!


  1. Oh the flu! Just the worst! So glad everyone is feeling better now. And your Christmas tree is gorgeous!


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