The World Before Camera phones

When you lug your big DSLR around to 7 photo shoots in one weekend (yes, I actually was crazy enough to do this last weekend. I need to learn to say NO!), you kinda don't want to pick it up to take pictures of your own family.

Thank goodness for camera phones. No matter how busy and tired I am, I find myself taking pictures with my phone at least once a day anyway.

So, here's what we've been up to in the last month...

1. How Jaina does her homework
2. Daddy loves the baby
3. Veteran's Day
4. Dr. Thunder lovin' 7 year old
5. Its Monica!
6. How many suitcases needed for 2 nights away
7. New Gymboree outfit
8. Cheating on Costco

Our trip to Stone Mountain Park:

1. My laundry helper
2. pediatric neurology waiting room
3. crafting with friends
4. monopoly
5. Turkey cookies!

Our trip to Great Wolf Lodge:

1. Cloth diaper cuteness
2. The Force is strong with this one
3. Mommy and Joce
4. homework with friends
5. Waiting
6. Enjoying December weather

Getting Ready for Christmas:

So, there you have it. What our life has looked like the past few weeks. Yay for camera phones!


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