While my sweet 2 year old charge is on maternity leave with her mom and new baby brother, I was able to watch my neighbor's baby for 4 weeks until they moved to Ohio last week.

She was an absolute angel to watch :) Ate well, slept well, played well. Such an easy going baby :)

And she totally looks like her dad in this next picture.

While she was in my care, she discovered her hands...

Started reaching for toys...

And would fall asleep on the floor after playing hard.

I will miss this little Angel. And her parents very much. Ohio is pretty far away, but I can guarantee that we will make the trip at some point :)


  1. Jess, it's Anna (or Julianna) from My Random Thoughts & Dirty Laundry). Send me a FB request. We've been "friends" through our blog for years! I'd like to stalk you on FB too!


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