Summer Fun: The Zoo

So, I took my little monkeys to the Zoo last week. They are lucky I didn't leave them there :)

You know what animal Jocelyn liked looking at the best? 

The non-captive birds that were flying free in the sky above us. We didn't pay money to see those.

Jayce did pretty well with his anxiety at the zoo.

 My mom actually went with us. Gray has lived in this area for 10 years and hasn't really explored much of the area. Places that require a lot of walking are hard on someone that has a bad back and arthritis. Luckily the zoo is pretty small and easily completed in 30 minutes.

The total highlight of the trip was watching a giraffe drink pee. Oh yes... I did capture a picture. 

And here are some more animals:

The weather here has been like Seattle most days. This day was no exception. We took 3 umbrellas and a rain jacket. It sprinkled on us for most of the zoo and downpoured on us for a solid 10 minutes. Such is the life in South Carolina lately.


  1. Fun! We always love going to the zoo.

  2. what fun pics! the zoo is a favorite of ours too!! :)

  3. This just makes me want to go to the zoo tomorrow! We haven't been this year yet!
    My 2 owls


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