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So, we've been back home nearly a week. And I still haven't felt like blogging about the beach yet. Let's face it... with three kids that still need to be fed, clothed in clean clothes, and entertained 24/7, there is no such thing as a vacation for mom. I'm just plain tired. And its been go go go go since the moment we stepped in the door.

But, I will get there. It may be in August when school starts back, but I will eventually blog about our 2013 beach trip.

In the mean time, here's what the condo and eating out looked like from my camera phone:

On the 5 hour ride:

Being silly at Habenaro's Mexican Restaurant:

Getting fancy hair:

Coloring like a big girl at The Blue Crab:

Riding around Broadway at the Beach in style:

Planet Hollywood $$$ lunch:

Jaina's Build-a-Bear creation:

Jayce was too tired from Broadway at the Beach to even get in his bed:

Little Miss trying to self-apply sunscreen:

Resigned to riding during Mini Golf:

Shaded baby during 4th parade:

Look what getting up at 6:30 AM will do to you:


  1. i hear ya on the mom vacation thing! it gets tiring doesn't it? can't wait to see the pics but i love these phone shots too! looks like an awesome time!

  2. We've been home from the beach a little over a week and I just got the pics posted too. All were taken with the iphone! I love how you did your daughter's hair in those braids. You should do a 'how to' post on it! :)


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