12 Years

When you hold your newborn for the very first time, you aren't thinking about how they will look as a 12 year old. Or what their personality will be like. Or what kind of interests they will have.

No, because you just can't possible wrap your head around your tiny baby actually growing into a pre-teen.

I do spend a lot of my time wishing that my kids would stay small. Yet, I have come to appreciate the joy of older children. The milestones they've met, the accomplishments and awards they have received.

My Jaina, who is the child that made me a mother, turns 12 today. She has crossed into the next phase in her life. One that includes make-up and instagram and tryouts and crushes. No more barbies or tea parties or princess dress up. Thank goodness it was a gradual change so she could wean this sentimental mom from still expecting that she remain a little girl forever.

Jaina is so much more than I could have ever imagined. She is more intelligent, beautiful, responsible, and kind than I was at that age.

Yes, 12 doesn't come without some eye rolling, door slamming, and attitude; but those days are few and far between.

I used to be scared of having a teenager. And maybe I still am when it comes to the other two kids. But I think I'm okay with this being Jaina's last year before she hits the teen years.

The future looks bright for this one :)


  1. Happy birthday to sweet Jaina! In a blink of an eye, eh?


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