Spring Nights

We've been quite impatient for Summer to get here after the cold Winter we had down South. Luckily, we've been enjoying temperatures in the high 80's during the day. You will not hear me complain at all. Give me sun, give me heat, give me sweat any day. Spring is only good because it means Summer is close. Fall is only okay since it means Winter hasn't arrived yet.

Summer nights find us outside after dinner trying to eek out the last bit of extended sunlight. As I've said, we are impatient for Summer to get here. Despite the fact that it was a school night, we all piled on the trampoline after dinner for some tickles, bouncing, and silliness.

We even got Jayce to come out with us! For some reason, he wasn't scared of bees that night.

Jocelyn has THE BEST static electricity hair EVER.

Jaina had already showered and put her PJs on. I tried not to be grossed out that she went to bed with dirty feet.

I love watching these two girls together :) It brings back memories of me and my little sister, who is 11 years younger than me.

Only 12 more days of school until freedom. We can do this!


  1. awesome pictures!! definitely makes me excited for warm summer nights!!

  2. What a great way to spend family time, enjoying the long Spring (almost Summer) nights. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I don't do hot very well and can't wait to see how hot it will be this summer, especially being pregnant and dealing with hot temperatures. Not fun!


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