A Monogrammed Zebra Tumbling Party

Jayce was confused after Jaina's birthday party.

"So, what was her theme?" he asked.

"It was a tumbling party," I said.

"A zebra party," my mom said.

And there was a monogram on her cake instead of the traditional "Happy Birthday Jaina" that usually accompanies birthday cakes.

I guess when you are 12, you don't really need a theme per se :)

They began by stretching...

And then moved on to forward rolls on the tumble track

Then cartwheels

The girls were able to try front and back walkovers with the help of the barrel.

If you were really brave, you could try them on your own with a spotter.

Jocelyn tried it one time and then decided to dance on the mats instead.

And then they played the game "Ships and Sailors". Its such a fun game to watch :)

I have no idea how they had energy at all for anything else after that game! But next up was some line dancing...

The video is pretty hilarious.

Finally, it was party time!

After cake and ice cream, the kids went back out to tumble and dance some more.

It was, hands down, the best birthday party she's had. It was easy, relatively inexpensive compared to past parties, and the "helpers" were Jaina's tumbling instructors that are awesome anyway. And super fun, according to the guests.

Can we just have a tumbling party every year?


  1. looks like such a wonderful time!! :)

  2. Looks like fun! Natalie might have her birthday party at her gymnastics place next time.


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