Skinny Dipping

When Jaina was a baby, I was already a pretty laid back parent. I knew from years of babysitting tons of kids that tantrums weren't that embarrassing. Saying "no" to your kid sometimes had to happen. And I learned how to pick your battles.

There are just some things I don't care about. Clothes are optional around the house. I had actually forgotten that Jaina spent the first 6 years of her life in her underwear until we were watching old home movies the other day.

Jayce and Jocelyn don't quite care for walking around naked. For Jayce, it was a sensory thing. Jocelyn, however, is very opinionated about clothes. Why be naked when you could wear one of 50 Minnie Mouse shirts that are in her closet?

Her favorite thing to wear, hands down, is Jayce's baseball jersey from last year. She's number 3, by the way.

If she's watching Frozen, she has to wear her Elsa or Anna dress. The other night found us outside after dinner and I didn't bother to change her out of her dress up clothes.

But when she started to climb in the pool, I put my foot down. I could just imagine all the sparkles and glitter coming off of that dress in my washing machine.

So naked it was.

And wouldn't you know... we had neighbors stop by AND some friends that live in the neighborhood across the street. And here was Jocelyn just toddling around naked outside. It didn't help anything when she announced that she was a girl and she had a " 'gina". That usually leads to more conversation about how Jayce and Daddy are boys and they have a "Enis". Gotta love two year olds and teaching them all about body parts.

Jayce played basketball the whole time we were outside. I guess it was a good thing that we didn't end up getting rid of the basketball goal.

The next baby pool pictures I post will feature yet another pool. The next day it was discovered that the pink pool had a rip in the seam. Glad it was only $10!


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