Tumbling Recital 2014

My kids started taking tumbling classes about a year ago (for Jaina) and 6 months ago (for Jayce). Both have advanced into Level 2. They LOVE it. Even Jocelyn is going to take Summer classes starting this week!

They take classes at this huge dance studio in town and recital weekend is a BIG deal. Yet, my kids were on stage for 2 minutes total. That's a lot of pomp and circumstance for 2 minutes!

It was really hard to get steady pictures with Jocelyn in my lap. These were the best I could do.

I have to admit that I enjoyed watching The Tumble Tots even more... 2 and 3 year olds on stage? Adorable! That will be Jocelyn next year!

Jaina has the high goal of making the acro team one year. I hope she can do it!


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