Who needs a reason for cupcakes?

Its officially SUMMER here and we all couldn't be happier.

Of course, our busy crazy scheduled hasn't really stopped just since school got out. No, leave it to me to schedule well child check ups and shots (we do a delayed and selective vax schedule if anyone cares to hear about it) on the first day of Summer break. The good thing was that the doctor's office was a ghost town. In and out, easy breezy!

Tuesday was a lot more fun. We went to the first showing of the Summer Movie Express $1 theater and saw Smurfs 2. This was Jocelyn's first movie and she did great! Then we went shopping at Old Navy and then out to eat at Sbarro's at the Mall. All these activities equal perfection in my kids' minds.

Jaina found two swimsuits and Jocelyn found a Minnie hat.

That afternoon, the kids got the sprinkler out while I cleaned out the garage.

Unfortunately, today was not nearly as fun. My van's transmission is having major problems and is at the FOURTH mechanic. We keep getting conflicting advice. Its very frustrating.

And we found out that our inflatable pool has too many holes to patch. It was a lost cause.

We sadly spent the day on the couch watching bad TV. Jaina and I watched Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and decided to bake cupcakes of our own.

Jayce kept asking, "So, who are these cupcakes for? Whose birthday is it? Why did you make cupcakes, again?"

He did not like our abstract reasons of "Just because, Jayce!" "They are for US!" "Because we wanted to." "You don't need a reason to make cupcakes!"

And the best thing about having 24 cupcakes?

We get to eat more of them tomorrow :)


  1. i love have no reason to eat cupcakes! they look so yummy! :) have a wonderful summer break!!!

  2. Oh yes, we love to make cupcakes--or cake--for no reason at all,

    Love the Minnie hat and swimsuit!


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