Friends for Life

One of my parents (maybe it was my Dad?) told me one time, when I was around the age of 13, that my friends from High School were probably not going to be my friends in 20 years. It was a difficult concept for me to fathom.

"But they're my BEST friends! And we'll always be best friends!" I assured him.

"They are your best friends now, but you will grow and change so much over the next few years, you will most likely grow apart."

Luckily for me, my dad's words were not completely accurate. I've managed to stay friends with several of my "best" friends after high school, through college, through weddings, and now with kids.

Yet, I understand what he meant. The friends I made in high school are different than the ones I made in college and now as a mom. I did end up growing and changing over the years and friendships certainly have come and gone.

I met Farrell the first day of college in September, 1997. Then Farrell met Rachel and introduced me. Then Rachel introduced us to Tracey since they were both School of Music students. And that's how the four of us became friends.

Although the miles keep us apart in physical contact, we've managed to stay connected through the years thanks to cell phones and Facebook.

Tracey lives in Upstate NY, Rachel lives in Virginia, and Farrell resides all the way in Germany.

Farrell makes a point to come back to the States at least once a year. And sometimes, she even gets to come to my house in South Carolina.

Rachel just recently became a SAHM and was able to drive down from Virginia the same week that Farrell would be in the South.

Unfortunately, Tracey both works and has three small children of her own. Driving down from NY wasn't feasible :(

Even though our hair and clothing styles have changed (thank goodness!) time hasn't altered our friendship much at all.

Its so crazy to see Rachel as a mom now. I can't say she exactly liked kids at all while we were in college! She thought Farrell and I were crazy for babysitting all the time :)

Violet was absolutely adorable and was a great playmate with Jocelyn.

My mom babysat while we had a kid-free lunch.

(Farrell, Rachel, our former professor from college, and me!)

We were sad that Farrell could only stay 24 hours, but very thankful she could even travel to be with us that long!

Rachel was able to stay a few more days so we took her and Violet to Story Time at the library.

We also went to the park near our college. 

I loved having my friends here :) I'm really hoping that my family can visit Rachel's this summer... and who knows? Maybe we'll make some new traditions :)


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