Walker Family Pictures 2014

The Holiday season calls for newly acquired family pictures and our family is no exception. We met our beloved photographer Jeslyn in 2010. Jayce was 5 and Jaina was 8. Jocelyn wasn't even a thought yet :)

The next year, Jeslyn moved to Louisiana. We were thankful that  she was returning home to her parents' house and willing to fit some photography sessions in while she was home.

The next year she moved to Charleston with her husband to start a church branch. Again, we were lucky that she still had to come home to our town to visit family.

2013 was a rough year for Jeslyn. Although she was blessed to welcome a baby girl at the beginning of Fall picture season, she also lost her dear dad to cancer. We were sad to hear that Jeslyn was taking a break from her photography business, but totally understood why the break was very needed.

Jeslyn returned home this year, with baby Mae in tow, for Thanksgiving and agreed to a session for us on Black Friday. It was also my birthday and the best birthday present Brian could pay for :P

Little did we know that Jayce would come down with a horrible flu-like virus that very night. You'd never know from our pictures that he was sick!

Jocelyn did so much better this year than last year. You'd think she'd be an excellent model after I shove a camera in her face on a daily basis :)

Without further ado, here are our Walker Family Pictures from 2014.

We will also pretend that it wasn't absolutely freezing and that none of the kids complained at all :) That's the beauty of digital photography.

Thank you so much, Jeslyn, for taking time out of your schedule to capture our family!


  1. I love the BW one of the three kids. I hope you put them up in your house somewhere!! :)

  2. Love how you coordinated your family outfits!


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