Ten on 10 :: Crazy December Version

I can barely keep up with taking ONE picture a day for my 365 project, but here I am attempting a Ten on 10. Its been ages since I've actually made it past two hours :) It helps that we were home for a lot of the day. Even so, one picture is from my camera phone and I skipped 10:00 AM, noon, 6, and 7:00 PM. Oh well, that's my life right now!

(3:00 PM) Taken at our pediatrician's office


  1. you are amazing! i feel like I have no time to capture my family! Love all of these shots!!

  2. 8pm is my favorite. You are a very talented photographer.

  3. I have been wanting to do this but things are so crazy busy (or boring to photograph) that I never have. You have inspired me! Now, maybe I will get it done.....someday....maybe. ;)


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