The September Summer

For a while there, I really thought Fall was going to make an appearance early. There was one full week in August that had morning temps in the 60's and highs in the lower 80's. That's pretty much unheard of for this place.

But, no... the calendar turned to September and we are back to a "real feel" of 100 degrees. I know that the proper rules of fashion dictate no white, shorts, sandals, or tank tops after Labor Day, but obviously whomever made those rules didn't live down here. Or else, this was way before global warming :)

It doesn't matter that area schools started 3 weeks ago; it is most definitely still Summer around these parts.

Jocelyn and I have been keeping busy with various MOMS Club activities and playdates with new friends. We met our friends for a picnic at the local park.

And yeah... go ahead and judge. That's soda she's drinking. And me, too. I've pretty much stopped drinking soda during the day but if we are out and about in the heat, I'll bring an 8 oz. It's my "coffee". :) Those honest kid juice boxes? Yeah, those belong to my new friend. We'll see if she still wants to be my friend after she sees my soda addiction :P

I packed a huge lunch for Jocelyn:
-peanut butter sandwich
-string cheese
-roma tomato

All she ate was the tomato. That girl loves some tomatoes!

It amazes me how little the heat affects these kids. They played hard with little stopping.

A bath was certainly in order for this sweaty mess when we got home. I had to take a picture of Jayce for the calendar I make for my parents for Christmas and a freshly washed Jocelyn insisted on coming outside with us.

I told her she was a goofball.

Jayce posed for his picture and I waited until I got a natural smile from him before letting him go back inside. Jocelyn wasn't done with him and grabbed his arm for an impromptu hug. This made Jayce a little nervous since he normally gets in trouble for impromptu and unwanted hugs with Jocelyn. It's hard for him to understand that just because he wants to hug her, doesn't mean she always wants a hug. We've been talking about about personal space and boundaries in our house lately. He's doing much better curbing this impulsive behavior. And the hug that Jocelyn gave him was very wanted by Jayce. He just didn't expect it!

Jayce has been very responsible with his glasses lately. I told him once school started, those frames need to be on his face at all times unless he was playing baseball or attending PE. So you'll be seeing a lot more pictures of Jayce with his glasses on :)

And while I was photographing her brother, my clean little toddler decided to get all up in the sidewalk chalk. Sigh.

Oh well. It will just wash out in the next bath, right??


  1. great photos of the kiddos!

  2. I'll never judge another mom for her need for some caffeine. hahaha! If I need caffeine soda is my go-to as well. I'm not a big coffee drinker even though I like it. Just not a big fan of hot drinks. Love these pictures of the kids...Jayce looks so handsome in his glasses!


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