Crazy pants Phone Dump

It's been weeks since I've made time to sit down and write up a blog post. We have been crazy busy around here and I've got the lack of sleep to prove it!

What have we been up to?

Well, with me and my crazy Spring photography schedule, Jocelyn has been watching WAY too much TV. Can I just say THANK YOU FOR NETFLIX? Best thing ever. We also have Amazon Prime Video, but I really like Netflix better. Thanks Aunt Jami!

I introduced Jocelyn to Animaniacs and The Power Puff Girls. She also loves Barbie Life in the Dream House and all the Alpha and Omega animated wolf movies. 

She now wants to wear blue every single day and be called Bubbles.

She still loves her piglet very very much. He goes everywhere with us.

And she's been giving kisses to Grandma at Costco. And stealing food!

Jayce is full swing into the Spring baseball season. They were undefeated... until Friday night. That was a rough game. Let's hope they recover from it.

He has also had a TON of homework to do in the past few weeks. Before you think mean thoughts about his teacher, please know his homework is solely because he has not been finishing work in class. Sigh. What am I going to do with this kid? He's got Spring-itis pretty bad and is just counting down the days until Summer.

He is also in the midst of some medicine changes. He had a horrible asthma attack (possibly due to severe reflux?) a few weeks ago and a new allergy doctor wanted him on an aggressive treatment of steroids, allergy meds, and inhalers. Most of those interacted with his ADHD/Anxiety meds, so we had to wean off. It's been a really rough couple of weeks. I think the steroids affected him worse than weaning off the other meds. We go visit his Dev. Ped. this month so we'll talk about a new game plan then.

And be on the lookout for a Happy Birthday Jayce post coming soon!

You might have noticed that my oldest kid is missing from this post. I actually have an entire post devoted to her in my saved folder but am waiting for the right time to publish it.

As for now, we're all going to keep on keepin' on and counting down until Summer is here!


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