Happy 14th Birthday Jaina

And in a blink of an eye, my baby girl turns fourteen.

And can I just say... do tweens and teens even go through an awkward stage anymore? I certainly didn't look this put together when I was 14. Of course, there wasn't YouTube makeup tutorials back then.

After an epic birthday bash last year, Jaina has decided to forgo a party this year in lieu of receiving money instead. Yep, that's how you know you're kids have grown up. They start asking for money and clothes (or money for clothes) instead of toys and games.

I'm feeling nostalgic, so a trip down memory lane is mandatory.

Jaina at 6 months:

We still have that pink blanket and 4 out of the 5 teddy bears. We co-slept off and on for 5 years since her birth but I remember her sleeping fine in her crib during this period.

Jaina: 18 months
This was taken at Chimney Rock State Park. And I paid way too much for that Gymboree Sweater.  

Jaina at age 3:
With MY old cabbage patch doll :) And wearing a Cinderella nightgown because all things Disney Princess were in back then.

Jaina age 4:
We still have this stuffed Wired Hair Fox Terrier as well. She couldn't wait to turn four and get her ears pierced.

Jaina age 7:
Look at those missing teeth!

Jaina at age 9:
I believe this was at the Atlanta Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa

Jaina: Age 11

And just like that, right before my eyes, she's 8 years away from a career. 4 years away from graduating high school. 2 years away from driving.

I may not be ready for it, but it's happening anyway! Happy Birthday Jaina!


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