May 2016: Part One

Too much to blog, too little time. Story of my life!

So, for posterity's sake, I'm posting these pictures so I won't forget these events. I don't know if I can properly blame my aneurysm or the 3 kids I have, but my memory is pretty shot and if I don't take pictures and blog, I forget what happened yesterday. After talking to a bunch of my mommy friends, it actually seems kind of normal :)

Here we go...

May The Fourth Be With You:

May 7th-9th:

Jaina competed in the Sunburst Beauty State Pageant in Charlotte, NC. We had a hotel room for the first night and then stayed with friends the second night.

She received 4th runner up in her age division, which wasn't what she hoped for. It was a good learning experience for her.

 Back at home...
It was hotter than blazes so we broke out the sprinkler, sunscreen, and beach towels.

My Mother's Day roses from Jocelyn:

Jocelyn discovered the self-timer on my camera and had a blast!

May 12th:
Jaina's final middle school chorus concert. She had a duet with her friend Abby.

May 17th:
Last day of preschool for Jocelyn!

She was a scared little 3 year old when she started in August. Now she's a confident 4 year old!

May 18th:
Strawberry picking!

This kitten was so cute and followed us around the farm!

Whew! Busy, busy! Like every other mother and teacher around these parts, I'm counting down until the end of school, dance, baseball, etc. And counting down until our beach vacation!!

Come on Summer!


  1. I always love your photos. You take such wonderful photos! And Jaina look beautiful!


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