Catching Up: January 2018

I am a FREE woman!!

(okay, not really, but I recently left my part time job to spend the Summer home with my kids, so I feel like a free woman!)

I'll never get around to posting each and every little thing we did in the past 6 months, but I'm going to write a blog post about each month I missed.

Here's what we did:

Cuddled stuffed animals

Went on an adventure at the park! We first played Hide and Go Seek together and then went exploring in the woods!

I grabbed a picture of my middle kid since we realized in December that we didn't have enough Jayce pictures!

I started shooting for Belle Magazine last Summer and collected a bunch of issues to send to the graphic designer who lives in Charleston.

The weather was very mild on some days, so we colored with sidewalk chalk. Even Jaina, the elusive teen, joined in!

She even got Jayce to come outside and ride scooters!

Jocelyn and Jayce are still going strong with their martial arts classes at Revolution.

 And, of course, there was lots of You Tube watching.

Then we celebrated Jocelyn's birthday at the YMCA.

I'm thankful for my talented friends at Graham Street Photography for the pictures so I could enjoy the party!


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