Catching Up: NYC in March

Jaina and Jayce have been in some sort of choral ensemble since they were both in 2nd grade in Elementary school. They love to sing! And thankfully they are both better than their mom and dad at carrying a tune!

Being in HS Chorus comes with perks! Like a trip to New York City! When Jaina found out that her chorus teacher was taking a group this year, we both signed up. First of all, I wasn't about to let my 15 year old head to the city by herself. Secondly, I was jealous because I had never been to NYC and couldn't wait to go! I'm glad Jaina didn't mind me chaperoning too much :P

It was FREEZING!! We didn't see snow, although it was in the forecast. We packed a whole lotta fun in 72 hours!

We saw:

- Times Square
- China Town
- Madison Square Garden
- World Trade Center
- School of Rock
- Aladdin
- Trinity Church
- Radio City Music Hall
- Ellen's Stardust Cafe

I was in charge of 9 girls by myself in the city. I have to say that I completely lucked out and got a GREAT group of girls! Everyone followed my directions and didn't give me attitude. And I only lost one of them for 10 minutes at the Knicks game :P

We can't wait to go back!


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