I have a rule

I have a personal rule that states "no pictures will be uploaded from said digital camera until all previous uploaded pictures have been named and filed appropriately".

So, although I'd LOVE to share pictures from our Anniversary trip, and from the water park today, and from our walk tonight, I can't. I have about 50 more pictures to name in one folder and about 100 more to name in another. Then I have to copy them all to our website for storage. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing taking all these pictures all the time! Will Jaina and Jayce actually care that they have 214,000 pictures of them at age 2? Will I ever get around to scrapbooking all of them?

Now, today is our real anniversary, so I can honestly post an old picture of Brian and me and not technically break my rule :P

This is Brian and me around September or November of 2001. We met on July 27th, the day before my best friend from High School's wedding :) I remember telling her about him when she asked if I was dating anyone.

And three years ago today, we were on white sandy beaches in the West Indies. I would love to be there again right now! But I'll settle for spending our 5 year anniversary there :) Excuse my vale... it was windy.


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