Taking a break from Mommy for a minute

I know this blog is typically for the kids and our adventures and I don't talk much about anything else non-kid related, but I just have to take a minute and post about my wonderful experience last night.

My wonderful friend Cass, whom I've known since my days as a Buffalo's server and bartender, had an extra ticket to see 311 in Charlotte, NC. Now, who is 311, you might ask? If you really are curious, you can read anything you ever wanted to know about them on Wikipedia (I really love that site!) 311 on Wikipedia But I think it suffices to say that they are a musically talented group of people that impacted my life heavily in the late 1990's while in High School and beginning of college.

Its amazing how music brings people together and can define or represent your beliefs. Going to see them play live yesterday brought me back 12 years in the past and inspired me to reconnect with some old friends.

And on a side note, my age is starting to show! Going to a live concert sounds awesome until you have to struggle to find sitters, worry about bedtimes without mommy being home, still have a child that doesn't sleep consistently through the night, and children that like to wake up at 6:30 AM.

And boy are my ears ringing! Now I understand why my mother wanted me to wear earplugs when I went to concerts as a teenager.

I'm wondering if Jaina will want to go with me to concerts when she gets older? I was 6 years old when I saw Elton John for the first time :)


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