Our Mornings Around Here

Honestly, these pictures look much more heart-wrenching than it is in real life. If you are the mother of a two year old, you'll know that sometimes the simplest thing in the world is the End of the World to your child. Thank goodness they get more rational the older they get!

It has been a long standing tradition, ever since Jaina was a toddler, to walk Daddy out to his car in the morning before he leaves for work and "Beep" the horn. Therefore its called, "Beep Beep Horn" by the kids.

For the past two years, I've been the one to carry Jayce out to the car so he can participate in this ritual.

But that is no longer acceptable. Jayce has finally realized that Daddy is the link to being able to push the garage door button, beep the car horn, push buttons on the mobile phone, and watch the garage door go back down when its all over. Mommy means nothing in all this. Its all about DADDY.

Its kind of sweet and endearing... watching a father and his two children spend some quality time together before rushing off to a 12 hour day at work. Its kind of endearing... until you realize that Jayce has NO patience.

As soon as he sees Brian come out of the bedroom dressed in his work attire, Jayce drops whatever he was doing and runs to him saying, "Hold you? HOLD YOU? HOLD YOU??" and immediately starts crying if Brian doesn't pick him up fast enough. The problem is.... Brian still has stuff to do before he leaves for work! He has a lunch to make, a workout bag to pack, cellphone/nametag/car keys to get, and shoes to put on.

But Jayce will have none of that, thank you very much. Don't we understand that he will wait for nothing and no one?

So, I give you our mornings in pictures:

A brief kiss before having to put him down to make lunch:

The World Is Ending!!!

Don't make lunch, Daddy... please don't!

Aren't you ready YET???

Hurry, Daddy!!!


At last... its time to go!

And finally, all is well in the world:


  1. Very cute! I love Jayce's face when Brian is holding them beside the car. Philip likewise has him breakdowns if Matthew says goodbye to him, asks for a hug, Philip doesn't respond because he's in his tv coma, and then realizes what has happened after Matthew is in the car down the street!


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