Maybe there's hope after all...

Jayce, at the ripe old age of 26.5 months old, is finally saying more than just one word at a time. I have to admit, I was kinda getting worried about him.

And what are these new found words? Why, of course they are phrases he hears multiple times a day from us:

sit down
get down
Alli up?
turn around
buckle please
no, sir!
gonna get you
no nite-nite
more wiggles?
Wiggles Christmas!
come on!
let's go!
good job
mean mommy (jaina taught him that!)

He is such a mess :) And the singing hasn't stopped. If anything, he's learned even more words to even more songs. And now he's even putting hand motions in with his singing. Justin Timberlake, move over!

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And no, your speakers aren't broken... there is no sound due to my camera.


  1. heehee, looks like he watches tv the same way elliott does!


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