Look Ma! No Booster!

Brian took the booster seat out to the back deck to clean off on Saturday. It kinda got left out there, then it rained. But soon we realized on Sunday morning that Jayce didn't even need the darn thing! He just climbed right on up in his chair and could reach his pancakes just fine.

Then here's the other amazing thing...

Our kind neighbors (I guess they are our former neighbors now, *sniff*) lent us their old wooden toddler bed that their girls used after cribs. We put it in Jayce's room as soon as we moved. Its mainly served as a place to change his diaper on or to sit in time-out on. I knew he'd want to sleep in it when he was ready.

Well, he's ready!

And the crazy thing is... he doesn't even try to get out of bed during nap or at night. Um, yeah... this is my wild two year old that won't hold my hand, sit still, or stay near me if he has a chance to run. Little stinker :)

His other accomplishments include brushing his teeth at the sink (we used to just give him a toothbrush to walk around with and chew on) and sitting on the potty seat.

Now, he has yet to actually pee in the potty, mind you. But he loves to sit. I figure eventually he'll actually time sitting with going and then he'll be super excited about it. Right now its just enough for him to want to sit, tell me the letters on the potty seat, and flush the toilet. Then usually 5 minutes later, he pees in the bathtub!

The potty picture has been modified to protect the privacy of my little un-modest two year old :)


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