Light and Dark

Just for fun, on APU, which is my internet home away from home, one of the moms had the great idea to do a photo assignment with a randomly assigned topic. The first was "Light". It could be any photograph that we took ourselves (either past or current) that represented light to us some how. A few days later, we did "Dark". I had a hard time not overlapping the assignment because when you think of shadows and lighting of subjects, there is always light that creates darkness. As you can tell, I always have fun with photo assignments :)

(Melissa, that pic of Justin was taken at Diane's house at Thanksgiving)


  1. Great assignment. I need to do some assignments and venture out of my box. I honestly don't know if I would have any good ones. I like the Silouette pictures and shadow one. All of them arel really neat representations.

    Assignments like this really make you think of composition in a new way. Like for instance take pictures of only blue things one week, red next, green etc.

    Thanks for putting Justin in the collage :)

  2. Oh forgot to mention; Is that a Sting Ray? how did you get that picture? at an Aquarium? I would be scared to be too close to one of those.


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