Winter Blah

Ugh, I am not a fan of the Winter season whatsoever. Maybe its my Florida-born blood, or maybe its just because I've always been cold-natured, but I cannot tolerate temperatures under 60 degrees very well at all. I'm okay when Fall approaches and the weather turns brisk because it means Christmastime is approaching. But after the holidays have come and gone, I wish they would just take the cold weather with them.

January and February are usually the coldest months we see here in South Carolina. And for my Northerner friends who are laughing at me right now thinking, "This girl doesn't even KNOW what real cold feels like"... well, you are right. But that doesn't make 40 degrees here feel any warmer to me!

Anyway, if there is ever a time I get the seasonal "blahs", its right now. I don't like looking at the orange clay, the bare tree branches, or the ugly patches of dormant bermuda grass. I don't like staying cooped up inside because of my low tolerance for the temperature. Maybe having a brand new winter wardrobe would cure some of my "blahs", but since that won't happen anytime soon....

Luckily, I think January will fly by quickly for us. Jaina resumes Cheerleading practice on Tuesday and will start cheering at games in one week. We are heading down to Atlanta to see my parents one weekend in January as well. I'm also attending Book Club in two weeks (have to get the book "The Reader" still!) and am definitely going to Moms Night Out since its at my favorite Indian Restaurant this month. In addition to the fun MOMS Club activities we have planned, I'm hosting a crock pot cooking club at my house, too.

Although its been fun spending nothing but quality family time with Brian and the kids these past two weeks, I'm excited to get back into our routine of things with school, MOMS Club, and walking again.

At least I hope everything is going to get back to normal. Have I mentioned that our first experience of the new year is Jayce coming down with a mysterious rash on his face and a stomach virus?? He's telling me right now that his tummy is "sticky yucky" which is Jayce speak for "he might throw up" so I'd better end this post.


  1. Beautiful angle of trees in the picture.

    I actually miss the North so much. I liked the winter sun during the day. After so many days of the freezing winter, you really yearn for Spring and Summer. Simple outdoor activities are hindered in the winter. The lucky part is, the snow! I miss playing in the snow.

    I remember when I lived in VA for two years, it seemed like winter was like 6 months, since i was so used to FL. I like you have really thin blood. Anything below 60 degrees was freezing to me and miserable.

    Sounds like you have a busy schedule and that's a good thing. Hope Jayce's mysterious virus clears up.

  2. I have the winter blahs myself! I am not a winter person either!

  3. I am colder when it's in the 40's or 50's than when it's, oh, in the teens like it is today. ;) No really, 45-55F is teeth chattering cold to me. 25, not so much. (shrug)

    Cheer up, Jess, the days are getting loooonger!


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