Playing Pooh Sticks

Have you ever played a game of Pooh Sticks? Its really quite simple. You find a bridge over running water and all players throw their sticks overboard on one side, and then you run to the other side to see which one comes out from under first. Winnie-the-Pooh plays quite frequently with Christopher Robin and Piglet.

And I taught Jayce the other day while we were killing time at Daddy's work complex. It was too soon to go pick up Jaina, but it was too late to drive all the way home. It was gorgeous out, sunny and lo 60's, so I took Jayce to the lake to play some pooh sticks.

On the way to the fountain, we had to stop and wave to our shadow.

A little break to stop and check shoes out:


  1. Wow, how beautiful! beautiful! I would be outside all the time If I had something like that to look at. FLORIDA gets really boring. I have never heard of Pooh sticks before, very neat. My boys would love to play that.

  2. Great way to spend your extra time. ♥

  3. I so appreciated your comment--thank you! I love collecting other people's wisdom and life experiences.

    I will have to visit your blog again soon. The man I am dating has a 7 year old who is autistic, and is just the sweetest boy. I am trying to learn the best ways to interact with him and it looks like yours would be a great source of knowledge!

    What a beautiful little family you have, and how blessed they are to have a mom who will stop and play Pooh sticks with them :)


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