Alli's Sweater

Yeah, there's a story behind this alright :)

Ever since Brian got Alli, he's been taking her to The Dog Groomer for her monthly grooming. Rita is quite, um, eccentric, shall we say. And very very opinionated. And we just love her to death :)

On Thursday when we went to go pick Alli up from Rita's, she was wearing this pink and white knitted sweater (with skirt!) over her freshly cut fur.

Supposedly Rita used to be a knitter back in the day. She started this sweater over 20 years ago and just recently found it amidst a bunch of old patterns. She finished it and immediately thought of us.

Then Rita requested that I take a portrait of Alli in her new sweater and give it to her. She has no idea that I've started my own photography business. As I was walking out the door, she told me that I could get Brian to help me take a nice photo of Alli :) To my knowledge, Rita has never seen what Brian can do with a camera! It was too funny!

Anyway, I'll let you know if she likes her pictures! I can tell you that Alli couldn't wait to be free from her clothes!


  1. I've never been into dog clothes, but oh. my. gosh. That is stinkin' adorable! Great photo!

  2. What type of lense did you use? Those pics are great!se pics are great!

  3. That is so freakin' cute!


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